I feel like I did just before I gave birth to my girls. Excited. Expectant. Nervous.

I’m excited about the possibilities and potential unfolding every day. This is about the time I would do something to sabotage myself. But this time I made a plan and told people what promises I was making to myself, so I can’t just toddle off and start a new-new-new-new thing.

Stepping out as my own brand is terrifying. Letting go of people and projects that no longer served me was too. I’m not good leaving safe harbors, but no more waiting for my real life to begin. I know my “why.” 

I am my “why.”

When I decided to stop coasting through my life and career,  help came in the form of new business partners, accountability partners, and trusted friends. Imagine that. 

I get to grow two businesses with partners. It’s more fun and fulfilling than I ever imagined. We choose our projects and clients and serve them with integrity. It’s not just a tag line, it’s our DNA.

My third company is me creating classes and showing the tools I use to do what I do.

It’s called The Vagabond Empire Academy. 

Like an online Hogwarts for muggles like me that blend our life and career as a single journey and go where we want, when we want, creating what we want along the way. 

I worked with a couple other women to form a Mastermind Group we call the Belle Cartel, (we’re a girl gang for good.) I have always shied away from this level of connectivity with other women because it was exhausting. Maybe I’m older now, but I’m not immediately annoyed by the thought of hanging out with these women.

This group is like “souler energy” to me. 

No emotional vampires. No drama queens. But also no droids. Real women with real issues accepting help with grace from other women with no agenda other than serving one another with radical honesty and a side-helping of tact. Think double 🌈 rainbow level giving & receiving.